Unity 3D : HLSL Shader

Terrain Shader Created for part of a test with Unity Technologies,
I was tasked with creating a shader to blend only the provided 2 textures(snow and rocky terrain) and mesh.
And a bonus feature(flowing water) was added as a chosen feature.

To achieve the blending between the 2 textures I used a vertex texture created in realtime so it
would not require an extra texture map as well as not requiring a baked map that would only be suitable for one mesh.

For the flowing water, I used the rocky terrain texture and simple equations to pick out the dark spots in the texture.
With this mask I set a roughness value and set the texture to scroll in Y world space.

A real time velvet shader I'm experiment with light being absorbed/reflected in different directions based on viewing angles.

Velvet/Silk Shader using the dot product of the viewing angle to blend textures.

Shader is built to take standard textures

A hologram type shader to experiment with screen space effects.

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